my own crafty wedding

save-the-date calendar doubles as a magnet






…and I am sure you

will not be surprised

when I tell you that mine was full of

DIY ideas-

most of which (not wanting to gloat, but….)

I came up with on my own.

wedding invitations

To set the stage, I sent out a handmade save-the-date. I found a template reminiscent of the children’s book The Giving Tree (by Shel Silverstein) – thanks to Merriment Design and added my personal touches which included changing the circled date to a heart and adding a magnet strip to the back.

These were a hit with our friends & family.

The invitations were just as much fun to create- although I will admit, quite time consuming. I ordered the paper from paperworks and paper and more . The envelopes were from action envelopes.  I am lucky enough to own a cricut machine- thanks to my wonderful husband who felt I needed one for Christmas last year (boy was he right!). I even downloaded special fonts so everything would be just perfect.

I have to say my favorite was the RSVP cards. I recommend leaving a space for people to write in. It made getting them back so much fun!(even when people couldn’t make it).

Thinking about the favors was next on the list. I wanted to have all sorts of fun things to give out and wanted them to be unique. One thing I came up with was flowers made from plantable seeded papers. I printed out directions on recycled paper and used a vintage font to type up  “Let Love Bloom”  for the centers. I attached them to variety floral stems and even cut out green leaves for some. They were so cute displayed in terra cotta pots with sand in the bottom (you could also use floral foam).

plantable seeded paper favors

Another (FUN!) idea I had- and possibly my favorite- was to make

mustaches on a stick! Anyone who knows me and my husband , knows we have a sense of humor. They were super easy to create, and we had great pictures with them. I was so surprised to see how many of my facebook friends used these photos for their profiles over the next few months! love!

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