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the table

I have always dreamed of having a large gathering table… unfortunately you can only have a table as large as the space you put it in. I have a space… it is not large. It IS long. The best option for the space was to create our own table. I am not good at building things (well, actually I have not really tried.) My husband IS good at building things. “Honey, will you build me a dining room table, pleeeeaaase? ”  he agreed !

We came up with a few ideas and changed our minds a few times… but we knew we wanted something kind of vintage and rustic looking. farmhouse style? maybe… Then I found this photo on TABLE INSPIRATION!!

After I decided that this was the perfect inspiration for what I wanted , I showed it to my husband who incorporated his ideas as well. He used some decorative table legs from an old table that we had  that was in the last of it’s life (but the legs are still very sturdy!)  He beat up some wood that we bought brand new at the hardware store to make it look old, and attached all of it together. Then handed it over to me so I could paint it. I blended two of the colors that i had used on the walls in the house ( a skyish blue and a light pine tree color) and came up with what is now my most favorite shade of aqua/ teal. It has a very vintage/European feel to it. Here is the final project ( well, almost final. I think I have decided that I want to varnish the top)

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DIY candy jars

Like many others, I have become obsessed with since the day my friend introduced me to the site. And I am happy to say that , although it is a bit of a crafty brain overload, I have found myself actually recreating some of the projects that I have pinned. One of my first projects was also one of my very first pins… DIY CANDY JARS… totally easy,  especially since I found that I already had all of the  materials. Here is what the original pin looked liked:

I know! Lovely! right?! Mine turned out a little different, but in my opinion, just as lovely….

I used old brass candlestick and different sized jars that I had saved, Painted them in contrasting colors and filled with old fashioned hard candy.

diy candy jars

Here’s the how to:

what you need:

~   candlesticks

~  jars with lids

~  paint

~  paintbrush (if you use spraypaint , you probably won’t need the brush~obviously)

~ strong craft glue

~  candy for filling

1.  Paint your candlesticks and let them dry COMPLETELY (I used 3 coats of paint) Also paint your jar lids and let them dry COMPLETELY.

2. After the paint is dry , glue the bottom of the jars to the top of the candlesticks and let the glue dry COMPLETELY.

3. Fill with candy, replace lids, and enjoy!!!

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A few things I keep in mind (in my kitchen)

1. Corn Masa is the tastiest way to thicken homemade chili.

2..  Sea Salt is way better than table salt,  for health and for taste.

3.   Plain Nonfat Greek Yogurt is an amazing substitute for sour cream

4.   use Fresh Herbs instead of dried herbs whenever possible

5.  Poaching an egg is easier than you think


6.  “When in doubt, throw it out.”
8. You can secretly add more vegetables to soups, burgers, meatloaf, etc.. by putting them in the food processor until they are very fine. Blend them in well, and no one will even know how healthy the food is.

7.    Shredding cheese from a block tastes better than using pre-shredded cheese. Especially when melting it.(I think                 this is probably because it holds the moisture better)

9.  Bisquick really makes a yummy biscuit and can be a great shortcut for many recipes

10.  Store bought pie crust really isn’t any worse for you than homemade and it can cut out a lot of time in preparation.

11. Eggs are good for you. It’s ok to eat them

12.When making garlic butter, cut butter amount in half by mixing with equal parts olive oil. Healthier and tasty!


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