Shrimp & Avacado pico

  Here is a simple, fresh, & versatile recipe

Shrimp & Avacado Pico

                                                                 what you will need:

*1 ripe but firm AVACADO

*1 cup prepared SHRIMP

( **see below for shrimp prep)

*1/3 cup diced white or red ONION

* 1 diced TOMATO

* 1 tbs fresh LIME JUICE

*1/2 cup chopped fresh CILANTRO

* 1 good pinch SEA SALT

*1/2 tbs ground CUMIN

(preferable freshly

ground from whole seeds)

*1 chopped JALAPENO                                                                                                (if desired)

                                     what you will do:

(**shrimp prep: peel and clean raw shrimp. Boil a small pot of

water with 1 tbs lemon juice and 1 tbs old bay seasoning. Boil shrimp, remove from heat using a slotted spoon once it turns a light pink color and immediately place in a bowl of ice water. Let chill for 10 minutes – you can do this while you are chopping other ingredients- Once chilled, chop each shrmp into 3 peices)

*In a bowl add CUMIN, SALT , & CILANTO  to the AVACADO. Toss GENTLY. Add all other ingredients and toss GENTLY once more.

that’s it. you’re done.

serve atop tacos, burritos ,  ENCHILADAS,  or with CHIPS.                  ENJOY!!!

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