It has been snowing…

…for a few days now – here in the mountains of North Carolina and other than the cold wind that has come along with it, I am enjoying the soft powdery ground cover. It goes along nicely with my holiday preparations ( I mean,really.. what better way to put you in the spirit?)  But the wind and cold is keeping me inside and I am finding that  the best way to pass  the time  is with holiday crafts! And although I SHOULD  be finishing up my cards,   I decided to make a new garland for my tree. I had some leftover fabrics  via  my handmade wedding crafts. Luckily, my colors consisted of red, white & turquiose (what do you know? PERFECT for the holidays! yay!) I cut the fabric into strips , tied it into buches and then tied the bunches to a thin  ribbon and …. VOILA! A VERY PRETTY (easy) DIY FABRIC GARLAND!


what you will need:

  1. ribbon
  2. fabric- cut into strips (i use variations of aprox. 1 – 2 1/2″)
what to do:
  1. make groups of fabric strips  (3-4 strips per group works well)
  2. tie ribbon around each group using different variations of spacing
  3. reinforce each group by tying one strip from each group around knot in ribbon

** Make smaller sections of garland with loops on either end for easy decorating. **


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2 thoughts on “DIY FABRIC GARLAND

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